Opportunity Zone Catalysts

Opportunity Zone Catalyst Speakers

From the minute Opportunity Zones were announced, we've been at the forefront, advocating for our community of business owners as well as the communities we all live in. Opportunity Zones offer tax advantages to increase investment in low-income areas.

We're ready to take your investment and turn it into an opportunity

Without a fair share invested in local and minority-owned businesses, however, there is a risk that Opportunity Zones will perpetuate the inequalities they are meant to address. Our public and private sector leaders must actively encourage and facilitate investment in entrepreneurs of color to make sure that Opportunity Zones fulfill their potential. 

Opportunity Zone Summit, March 2019

In March of 2019, the US Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency chose The Enterprise Center to host their first Opportunity Zone summit, where we assembled thought leaders, subject matter experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss the promise and potential that Opportunity Zones hold for minority-owned businesses. 

Since the March meeting, our President Della Clark has crisscrossed the country meeting with national experts and potential Opportunity Zone investors to pitch our entrepreneurs, the Opportunity Zone Catalysts whom we are actively vetting and compiling into a soon-to-be-released Deal Book. 

Interested? Intrigued? Ready to invest in our entrepreneurs?

We want to hear from you. 

We aim to raise $50,000,000 for our Opportunity Funds, and we can't get there without your help: if you are interested in investing or supporting our efforts, please reach out to Della Clark at dclark@theenterprisecenter.com .

We already have three Qualified Opportunity Funds set up and awaiting your investment: 

  • The Enterprise Center Opportunity Fund: a fund specifically targeted to our minority-owned business clients
  • Minority Enterprise Opportunity Fund: a nationwide fund for minority-owned enterprises
  • Urban Communities Opportunity Fund: which focuses on real estate investments

Opportunity Zone Entrepreneur Videos

To accompany our Deal Book, we've filmed a short video highlighting each of the featured businesses, so be sure to check each of them out to learn more about our Opportunity Zone Catalysts. 


Pride Enterprises

LB Construction Enterprises


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