GreenHaus Development

GreenHaus Development founder Dave Duncan on a construction site with another man

As cities continue to grow, the demand for housing continues to grow as well. To meet that need, we need to develop more housing. Currently, existing buildings and new construction in urban areas account for 60% of carbon emissions, burdening urban communities. In GreenHaus Development's home base of NYC, 56% of renters live in homes with at least one health hazard. These hazards are associated with various health conditions, including respiratory infections, asthma, lead poisoning, migraines, and unusual fatigue. The cities and buildings we live in are making us sick.

David Duncan founded GreenHaus Development to combat these issues, and GreenWol is their first solution. GreenWol provides an efficient, sustainable construction solution for low-rise and mid-rise new construction buildings. Combining technology, Cold Form Steel wall studs, with proven plant-based sustainable materials in an off-site facility allows GreenHaus to bring to market a solution that is needed and not presently available. Their non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly wall panels are used to build healthier and sustainable buildings to lower the burden on our cities.

Greenhaus Development worked with the US MBDA MBE Equity Multiplier Project (EMP) to access EMP's skills development, education & investor network. David, with the help of financial experts put together a strong forecast and valuation. Having this information is critical in the entrepreneur’s toolbox. This, in combination with a powerful pitch presentation give Greenhaus development the ability to present a very strong business case to investors. Currently Greenhaus Development has met with five nationally recognized investors, connected through the Equity Multiplier Project.

Says Founder David Duncan, “When I discovered the MBE Equity Multiplier, I knew it was the missing component that would help make my vision clear. This process has equipped me and given me the confidence to push my vision forward to make it a reality.”


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