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As the CEO of your business—and often the Accountant, Social Media Manager, and Tech Support as well—you deserve a VIP experience. Our expert staff and consultants will guide you beyond the basics to develop and retain core business skills while implementing long-term plans for success. 

We designed the sessions to be hands-on and one-on-one, so the consultation can be tailored to your specific questions and empower you to implement actions. 

Below are some examples of what is covered in each session: 

  • Sales & Business Development: Review your current approach to go after new contract opportunities and develop specific actions and procedures to improve 

  • Accounting & Finance: QuickBooks/WAVE support (specific questions can be addressed), review current state of financial performance and identify opportunities for cost savings or improving profitability 

  • Business Taxes: Assess if Business Taxes align properly with your business structure, review current state of business taxes, and have questions addressed 

  • Digital Marketing: Improve your website, gain more visibility for your business SEO, learn how to leverage Google Ads and optimize social media 

To receive access to our free virtual consulting, please fill out this intake form to help us better understand and serve your business’ needs. Appointments are one hour in length and take place over Zoom. You will have the opportunity to schedule follow-up sessions as needed. 

Virtual Consulting

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