52nd Street Projects

52nd Street businesses
52nd Street Commercial Corridor

52nd Street Commercial Corridor

The Enterprise Center CDC works with businesses, residents, property owners, city agencies, and other key stakeholders to spur revitalization along the 52nd Street commercial corridor, historically known as “West Philly’s Main Street.” Activities include:

  • Connecting existing businesses to resources and business advisory support services
  • Matching business and property owners to capital financing opportunities
  • Coordinating with prospective businesses and developers to locate on and invest in 52nd Street
  • Engaging nearby residents to have a voice in the changes taking place along their neighborhood commercial corridor
  • Leading and supporting streetscape improvements and arts and culture projects
  • Communicating with and supporting the corridor’s street vendors
  • Providing corridor cleaning services and encouraging a clean and safe corridor environment

The Enterprise Center CDC encourages 52nd Street stakeholders to play an active role in defining and revitalizing this key commercial corridor. Monthly stakeholder meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM, unless otherwise noted. Due to COVID-19 pandemic safety precautions, 52nd Street stakeholder meetings have gone virtual. Please follow us on Facebook for updates on meeting topics and links to virtual meeting platforms.

For more information about meetings, resources for businesses, and ways to get involved in 52nd Street initiatives, contact Donnell J. Brown at donnellb@theenterprisecenter.com.

The Enterprise Center CDC thanks the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Philadelphia LISC, and the Kresge Foundation for their ongoing support of 52nd Street initiatives.