Honeysuckle Projects Featured in Two Media Outlets

Honeysuckle founders, Omar Tate and Cybille St. Aude-Tate

After two years of preparations and anticipation, Omar Tate and Cybille St.Aude-Tate’s grocery store and community center is getting ready to open in West Philly this September.

Cybille, a Philly-based Haitian American chef and her husband, Omar, are on a mission to redesign our food system — one sweet potato at a time. Honeysuckle Projects, a system of community spaces centering Black and Afrocentric ideologies and lineage through nourishment. In late September, they’ll open their first brick-and-mortar business: Honeysuckle Provisions will be an Afrocentric grocer and cafe on 48th Street between Pine and Spruce in West Philly.

Part market and part takeout counter, the Honeysuckle Provisions shop will sell grocery staples — meat, eggs, bread, cheese, produce — alongside a takeout menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The mission is what matters the most to Cybille and Omar: Almost everything at Honeysuckle can be traced back, in some form, to a lineage of Black food.

“People have said [we’re like] DiBruno Bros. but Black,” Tate says, noting that it’s a correlation he dislikes. “But there really is no comparison for what we’re doing.”

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