Delegation from Togo Visits The Enterprise Center & 52nd St.

Togo delegation visitors in front of CDC satellite office

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, The Enterprise Center's Community Development Corporation satellite office (5243 Market st.) was honored by a visit from a small delegation of organization leaders and activists from Togo, in partnership with Citizen Diplomacy International Philadelphia, a nonprofit organization that aims to empower Philadelphians to represent the city and United States through person-to-person diplomacy.

The theme of discussion was centered around entrepreneurship and youth employment; the members of the delegation were interested in learning more about businesses that strive to promote youth engagement and ingenuity. Uplifting the community by means of entrepreneurship is no foreign concept here at The Enterprise Center, nor is it to our guest organization of the day's forum, The ECO Foundation. Kyle Morris, the inspiring nonprofit's founder, spoke to their mission of likewise empowering the community and its members through family support systems as well as youth education and opportunities.

The delegation members met for the first time on their trip to Philadelphia, but are excited to start collaborating to implement improvements to each of their respective organizations back home. Using the information they gleaned from their visit, they will continue to think critically about future collaborations to boost their impacts. The visitors were Ms. Ablavi Anika Epse Lawson, director of Philab; Mr. Kwakutse Elagbe Dzahini, co-founder and director of KMK-CG; Ms. Sahouda Gbadamassi Epse Mivedor, director of the Support Fund for Youth Economic Initiatives; Mr. Halarou Idissa, director of the Social Entrepreneurship Resource Centre (CeRES); and Mr. Kwami Victor Klu, founder of Eco-Lodge Farm, Yaka-Yale.

While in West Philly, the delegation visited ACAF & Hakim’s Bookstore along the corridor. They also went to Global Leadership Academy where they got to visit the school’s garden and meet some of its students.