'Afromation Avenue' Uplifts & Beautifies 52nd Street

Kristin Kelly & Brittni Jennings of Afromation Avenue

Afromation Avenue is a collection of curated positive affirmation street signs personalized by predominantly Black/African American communities throughout the city of Philadelphia; a partnership between the The City's Mural Arts Project and Crown Publications Co. The project aims to create spaces for reflective thought and conversation while honoring the cultural identity of each community. 

Brittni Jennings, Kristin Kelly, Marian Bailey, and Lindsay Bradford of Afromation Avenue visited 52nd Street and Malcolm X Park on Wednesday, October 26, for a walking tour of the public art pieces that have recently been installed along the corridor and at the park. They discussed not only their various sources of inspiration and the intended meanings behind their work, but also the tie-ins and implications that it holds for the West Philadelphia community.

Afromation Avenue lends itself as a social-emotional guide in hopes of cultivating spaces where community members feel encouraged, valued, and respected. Afromation Avenue also supports the city’s “Read By 4th” early literacy movement, the School District of Philadelphia’s social-emotional learning focus, and furthers the city’s beautification initiatives.

"The signs lend a reminder that our history can't be erased, that we shouldn't forget ourselves and don't let others forget us. We want people to feel joyous, empowered, and that they have a purpose when they see the signs." - Brittni Jennings, co-founder of Crown

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