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We are working on something big, so stay tuned!

From The Enterprise Center’s Grit studio comes a podcast for the ever-evolving business owner: Enterprise on the Rise.  

Starting [insert date here], we discuss the power of minority entrepreneurship and the info you won’t hear everywhere else! Each biweekly episode alternates from success stories to expert insights – open and authentic. 

Join us as our hosts, Sarah Bondize and Iola Harper celebrate diversity, innovation, and resiliency. Get exclusives on info such as: 

[examples here, based on previous episodes] 

Fuel your go-getter spirit with inspiration as guests retell the highs and lows of their entrepreneur journey. We bring in experts who tell seasoned business owners some of the key information they don’t realize they’re missing.  

Listen along as we have honest conversations and a lot of fun! At Enterprise on the Rise, we know that success is not a straight line. It’s not just about the hustle but finding joy in every step of your adventure. 

Discover how The Enterprise Center can elevate you to new heights. Join Enterprise on the Rise on your climb to the top! 

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