Investor Opportunities

The untapped potential of minority entrepreneurship

There are least 8 million minority entrepreneurs in the U.S., and minority-owned businesses contribute close to $49 billion in local, state and federal taxes, yet barriers to capital continue to suppress their growth and revenue. The average equity for high-sales minority firms is only $3,379, compared with $7,274 for non-minority firms.

The Enterprise Center’s Innovate Capital initiative is a $50M equity fund that facilitates strategic partnerships between minority businesses and investment partners.

Why become an investor?

Growth: Minority-owned businesses are growing at 10 times the rate of other businesses with even greater potential if they can break through the glass ceiling.

Job creation: Small businesses are key sources of living wage jobs in underserved communities, and minority-owned businesses reduce hiring discrimination.

Asset and wealth creation: Business ownership shrinks the wealth gap for minorities and encourages a stronger, more inclusive economy. 

Community revitalization: When their capital needs are met, businesses can give back to their communities through stimulation of the local economy, job creation, and the purchase and renovation of real estate.

For more information on investor opportunities, please contact Blessy Thomas at bthomas at theenterprisecenter dot com or 215-895-4023.