Executive order opens door for small business state contracts

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Christen Smith

(The Center Square) – For decades, the daunting and expensive process of securing lucrative government contracts felt insurmountable for small businesses, though a new executive gives them hope.

"Opening the doors wider to lift up small and diverse businesses requires institutional buy-in at all levels,” said Della Clark, President and CEO of The Enterprise Center. “We view this executive order as the first step to combining contracts, capital, and expertise to intentionally grow small and diverse led businesses across the commonwealth.”

The Philadelphia-based center helps develop businesses and neighborhoods, particularly in communities on the city’s west side. Clark said the governor’s order will make it easier for owners and developers to win state contracts – a key element necessary for growth.

“It takes contracts, it takes capital, and it takes resources for you to build capacity to be successful,” she said. “Today is really the first step of that formula, which is bringing contracts to the table.”

Gov. Josh Shapiro said Tuesday the order will expand the definition of small business so that more can qualify. The Department of General Services will also fast-track verification requests so that more may bid and guarantee prompt payment once a contract is secured.

"We need to do more to help our small and small diverse businesses compete for state dollars," Shapiro said. "That will require policies like those I'm announcing today, but most importantly, it will require a governor who gives a damn and makes sure these businesses are part of our collective progress. It's not just the right thing to do – it's the smart thing to do.”