COVID-19 PA Statewide Grant Program

Latest Updates:

CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR PA GRANTS ROUND 2. THE 2ND (AND FINAL) ROUND WILL CLOSE AT 11:59 PM ON AUGUST 28TH. Be sure to sign up for the latest updates!

Click here to view the official August 10th PA COVID-19 Business Grants Press Release/data release

To be eligible to apply, a business must meet the three criteria below:

  • Physically located, certified to do business & generate at least 51% of revenues in Pennsylvania
  • Have annual revenue of $1 million or less
  • Have 25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees prior to February 15, 2020

Important Information – Application Process

  • Watch these videos and review the Portal Guide and FAQ before filling out the application:
  • You can ONLY APPLY ONCE, multiple applications will delay the process
  • Application is a 2-STEP PROCESS


  • Recent Corporate Tax Return: 2019 or 2018 OR Startups: 2020 P&L
  • Photo ID (Current License, Passport, or State ID)
  • Completed and Signed Application Certification
    • Proof of Tax Payment Plan (if you owe outstanding taxes)
    • Entity Documents (only one of the four required)
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • Certificate of Organization
      • Government Issued Business License
      • Fictitious Name Registration.  

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  2. In these challenging times, capital is critical for all businesses.  However along with capital, it is critical businesses optimize their capital and current time to work through a recovery process focused on driving revenue and mitigating risks that could be costly.  The MBDA CARES Center can help! Sign up to receive the following free services:
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