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“Minority entrepreneurship is on the footstep of new opportunity in our city – and we need to open up that door together.” Della Clark, President – The Enterprise Center

Your donation will impact 1300 growing minority-owned businesses across Philadelphia.

The Enterprise Center provides disadvantaged entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to find financial security, create local jobs, and impact their neighborhoods. Your support helps minority businesses achieve success.

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For additional investment and event sponsorship opportunities, please contact Seulky McInneshin, Executive Vice President, at 215-895-4089 or

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    $2000 - 3000
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    $1000 - $2000
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Accelerate BUSINESS

The Enterprise Center is dedicated to advancing the field of minority entrepreneurship at the local, regional, and national level. Your contribution will develop unique resources designed specifically for minority entrepreneurs to overcome barriers to business growth:

  •  TEC has developed a specialized evaluation and technical assistance tool for minority entrepreneurs – Stage  Coaching – that uses proprietary strategies and resources for business owners proven for success
  •  Regional and national partnerships through centers housed at TEC address critical needs of minority  entrepreneurs and leverage significant resources
  •  With over 25 years of experience advancing minority entrepreneurship, TEC leads the national conversation on  minority entrepreneurship and its impact on local, regional, and national economic development.


The Enterprise Center believes entrepreneurship is at the heart of positive community development. Your contribution will connect residents, businesses, and stakeholders in West Philadelphia to create stronger, vibrant, thriving communities

  •  Over 100 local families have been connected to resources such as tax preparation, home repair and winterizing,  and credit building, and 1300 residents connected to family-friendly neighborhood programming
  •  TEC addresses access to healthy food through its Center For Culinary Enterprises, located in West Philadelphia  that houses 31 culinary businesses, and its West Philly Foods social enterprise, which has donated 1,000 lbs of  fresh produce to disadvantaged local residents
  •  Key corridors – such as the 52nd Street Commercial Corridor, “West Philadelphia’s Main Street” – receive  business technical assistance, capital resources, cultural programming, and public support to support revitalization
  •  Long-term neighborhood development of West Philadelphia implemented alongside TEC’s local public, private,  nonprofit, and community partners


The Enterprise Center connects disadvantaged entrepreneurs to capital resources – the key to business success. Your contribution will support TEC’s specialized programs designed to support business owners at every stage of accessing capital – from preparing loan applications to applying for up to $250,000 in funding

  •  TEC has directly connected entrepreneurs to over $2M in capital resources through its Capital Team
  •  This year, entrepreneurs have received over $40M in capital funding with the assistance of TEC
  •  TEC launched the Performance Equity Initiative – a unique regional resource that provides equity investment  capital to growing businesses with high social impact potential

For additional capital investment opportunities, please contact Della Clark, TEC President, at 215-895-4005 or

Accelerate BUSINESS

The Enterprise Center provides critical services to growing businesses across Philadelphia. Your contribution will help to create opportunities that take small businesses to the next level:

  •  Technical assistance that strengthens core financial and management skills
  •  Accelerating growth with in-house access-to-capital services
  • Job creation and contract procurement –this year, TEC clients have created 350 local jobs and received over $100M in contracts with the assistance of TEC
  • Unlocking potential - clients have explored international partnerships and received national exposure on ABC’s primetime reality show “Shark Tank.”

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