Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC)

TEC NAC Service Area Map

The NAC program office helps connects residents to resources and services and helps give residents a voice in ongoing community development issues. Through the NAC program, The Enterprise Center covers a service area that includes the West Philadelphia neighborhoods of Walnut Hill, Spruce Hill, and Garden Court, and parts of Cedar Park and Cobbs Creek. Service areas are designated by census tracts by the City of Philadelphia’s Division of Housing and Community Development.

If you need help with . . .

  • Finding resources to help with home repairs
  • Addressing property tax issues
  • Avoiding losing your home to foreclosure
  • Accessing benefits and emergency services programs
  • Finding job training and placement opportunities
  • Starting or growing your small business
  • Addressing neighborhood trash and blight issues
  • Responding to neighborhood zoning and development concerns

. . . click on the resources tab above or contact Jamar Bordley at or 215-895-4098.

Neighborhood Advisory Subcommittee (NAS)

The NAS is an elected group of residents and stakeholders who provide input into the community development work of The Enterprise Center and build relationships and collaboration across neighborhoods in The Enterprise Center’s service area. The current NAS members are:

  • Adrianne Waxman
  • Alexa Bosse
  • Billy Brown
  • Dorothy Mejia-Smith
  • Gregorio Pac Cojulun
  • James Tyson
  • Lauren Nelson
  • Marion Campbell
  • Taj Moore
  • Vedaza Pate

This activity is made possible with funding from the City of Philadelphia’s Division of Housing and Community Development.

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