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As part of our mission to facilitate access to contracting opportunities for underrepresented businesses, The Enterprise Center provides certification services for the City of Philadelphia's Office of Economic Opportunity. You can expand your business by becoming certified to do business with The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO). The City is a purchaser of millions of dollars of goods and services. The City departments use the OEO registry when purchasing goods and services. With your certification, your business can be listed on the OEO registry giving you the potential opportunity to bid on a number of contracting opportunities.

Why not add your name to the list of qualified vendors by getting certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and/or Disabled Business Enterprise (DSBE)?

The cost to apply is $200 when applying for MBE or DSBE Certification. There is no additional cost if applying for both certifications at the same time.  If approved, your certification will have a term of one year. The fee for annual renewal of your certification is $200.

To learn more about MBE or DSBE certification, please listen to this message from Iola Harper, Deputy Commerce Director, Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO): 

Or, attend a Certification Orientation. Please call 215.895.4000 for additional information.


Certification of General Eligibility Requirements must be verified such that the Minority and/or Disabled Business Enterprise applicants own, manage, and control the day-to-day operations of the business, thereby by ensuring that business owners meet the qualifications of the City of Philadelphia’s MBE and DSBE Procurement Programs.

Disabled and/or Minority Business Enterprise

The primary qualifications to apply:

  • A for-profit firm that is at least 51% owned by a person who is an ethnic minority or disabled as determined by a licensed physician
  • Meets the requirements of a small business as defined by the Small Business administration
  • The firm is managed and its daily operations are controlled by the minority or disabled owner
  • Ownership and control must be real and substantial

To initiate your application for MBE or DSBE certifications please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Complete the online application for MBE or DSBE Certification indicating your wish to be considered a MBE or DSBE or both*
  2. Complete the Affidavit 
  3. Submit a Physician Certificate of Disability Form signed by a licensed physician 
  4. Complete and upload the Statement of Personal Wealth 

Please note:

*If you are applying for MBE or DSBE Certification at the same time, please check the appropriate box and only provide ONE set of the required supporting documentation.


The application must be completed and all of the required document must be uploaded in order to initiate an evaluation of your application. To help you prepare in advance, we have listed a complete list of all the documents below. Additionally, you can download a complete list of all of the documents required to complete the application. Please have these documents available to upload to your application when prompted.

To start the application, please pay the $200 fee to receive access to the application. Once your application is complete and all of the requested documents have been submitted, your certification review will begin. 

The payment link is at the bottom of this page. 


Download the complete list


1) Statement of Personal Net Worth (Download Form

2) Personal Tax Returns for the most recent three years filed with the IRS (extensions will not be accepted)

3) Proof of US Citizenship or Permanent Residency — US Birth Certificate, US Passport, Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization, Tribal Card, or permanent residency status (ex: Alien Resident Card)

4) Affidavit of Verification (Download Form)

5) If applying for Disabled Certification (DSBE): 

Physician Certificate of Disability Form (Download Form)


6) Full Copy of Applicant Firm’s Business Tax Returns for the past 3 years.  The tax return must record a valid Business Activity Code (NAICS code). For a list of NAICS codes please visit:  http:/www.sba.gov/size.

 7) Sole Proprietors submit Individual Federal Tax Return for the past three years, Form 1040, and all schedules. For a newly established business, submit available tax information.

 8) Business Plan

9) Proof of Owner/Owner’s initial capital investment in firm (Documentation showing initial investment in firm: bank statements, loan agreements, bill of sale and proof of payments (cleared check), notarized statement of contributions to start business, etc.

10) Past or current loan agreements, promissory notes, lines of credit, etc. related to the Applicant Firm or between any owners.

11) Business Bank Statement for the past 3 months

12) Copy of Bank Authorization Form, aka: bank signature card, for all Applicant Firm’s account(s) or Statement from Bank verifying signers and restrictions on account. (Do not send in a copy of the bank card or credit card.)

13) Copy of Lease/Rental Agreement(s) & payment verification for all business site(s) OR If a home office, provide a mortgage or tax statement and payment verification (ex: copy of cleared check or bank statement)

 14) Equipment list: Provide current value of equipment, Titles, Registration, and lease or rental agreements

15) Current Profit and Loss Statement (within past 60 days)

16) Current Balance Sheet (within past 60 days)

17) Explanation of how business was established by owner(s).

18) Resume of all owners, officers, management staff and key employees; showing employers, dates of employment, titles and responsibilities, and applicable education and training

19) Copy of all current licenses, registrations, permits or certificates required by the Commonwealth of PA  and/or the City of Philadelphia. (i.e.: engineer, architect, CPA, CDL, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.)

For a Sole Proprietorship, submit:

20) Individual Federal Tax Return for the past three years, Form 1040, all schedules. For a newly established business, submit available tax information.

21) Copy of Assumed Name Certificate (DBA) filed for each applicable County

For a Partnership (General or Limited) or Franchise, submit:

22) Certificate and Articles of Formation for Limited Partnerships

23) Complete Copy of Partnership or Franchise Agreement

For a Limited Liability Company/ Professional Limited Liability Company, submit:

24) Certificate and Articles of Formation

25) Copy of Agreement, Regulations and/or Operating Agreement, as applicable

26) Copy of All Issued and Voided Membership or Stock Certificates (front and back) and certificate ledger 

For a Corporation, submit:

27) Articles of Incorporation 

28) Copy of Corporate Bylaws

29) Copy of Current Corporate Meeting Minutes & Any Minutes affecting ownership

30) Copy of All Issued and Voided Stock Certificates (front and back) and stock transfer ledger

31) If B Corporation, a) Statement of the period during which the corporation shall continue existence, if not perpetual b) Benefit Corporation Statement c) most recent Annual Benefit Report

Step 1: Complete Registration

Please register here

Step 2: Make a Payment

Please pay the  $200 application fee here using one of the debit/credit payment options below. 

Application fee is non refundable. 

Note: businesses must be current with their City of Philadelphia taxes, and certification is subject to our verification that business is current with City of Philadelphia taxes.

Step 3: Complete Application

Once you have paid your fee and registered, you will receive a link to the application. Please be advised that the application works best in Google's Chrome browser. If you are having issues completing the application in other browsers, we highly recommend downloading Chrome and completing the application in that program.

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