Deliver a Solid Pitch to Investors (Session II)

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When you get into the room with investors, you want to be confident, engaging, and convincing: for our next workshop, we have two guest speakers who are seasoned veterans who will give you the secrets to a successful pitch! Your business pitch is your chance to tell your story, explain your business concept, and show your passion. Although your pitch is not the sole determinant of whether a potential investor will progress with next steps, it is an important part of their assessment. Whether you've had opportunities to pitch before investors and been nervous about what to say or you frequently walk away from investor presentations wondering whether you presented your business well, our speakers will help equip you to be comfortable and prepared to deliver a solid pitch.  Join us to hear from Jason Ray, CEO of Zenith Solutions and a special guest Lucas Vining, Biotech Founder where they will walk you through how to prepare to present your pitch. There will be two sessions available for you to sign up, Wednesday, August 17th or Thursday August 18th at 4 PM.

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Deliver a Solid Pitch to Investors (Session II)

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