The Enterprise Center received an award through the Minority Business Development Agency to open a CARES Center to meet the business technical services and capital needs of minority businesses affected by COVID 19 and the resulting business restrictions and shutdowns. With their extensive experience and network, the CARES Center Team will provide a focused approach to help guide businesses during their recovery and assist with redefining their market viability during and post-COVID 19.

 The first step to receiving assistance from the MBDA CARES Center is filling out our intake form. Once we have received your form, the MBDA CARES Center will conduct a holistic assessment to begin the recovery planning process.  All businesses who complete our intake form will receive a standard CARES package, followed by interactive webinars that will help you to develop and implement your recovery plans. The content will cover diverse topics listed below, as well as other relevant information:

  • Development of Recovery Plan
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Customer Service & Marketing
  • Technology: E-Commerce, Remote Working, Cyber Security
  • Rethinking Supply Chain: Best Practices & Risk Mitigation
  • Financial Management: Capital Access, Accounting, Reporting
  • People Management & Internal Communication

The MBDA CARES Center will also provide recommendations on tools to implement the recovery plan.  We recognize that one size will not fit all to support the varied needs of businesses.  Therefore, we will offer a range of services through virtual learning, one-on-one office hours, and for more complex business needs in-depth consultative services.

If you have questions, please contact the CARES Act Office at