The US-MBDA Coronavirus Response and Relief Center 

The Coronavirus Response and Relief Center is funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)'s Coronavirus Response and Relief award. The  Coronavirus Response and Relief Center aims to meet the business technical services and capital needs of minority businesses to help them pivot from the aftereffects of COVID 19. Assistance will include technical assistance, training, education, and advisory services to Minority Enterprises.

Virtual 1-on-1 Expert Consultant Office Hours

We offer minority-owned businesses free one-on-one sessions with consultants who have expertise in Sales & Business Development, Accounting & Finance, Business Taxes, and Digital Marketing. We designed the sessions to be hands on and one-on-one, so the consultation can be tailored to your specific questions, and you can begin to implement actions.

Below are some examples of what is covered in each session:

  • Sales & Business Development: Review your current approach to go after new contract opportunities, and develop specific actions and methodology to improve.
  • Accounting & Finance: QuickBooks/WAVE support (specific questions can be addressed), review current state of financial performance and identify opportunities for cost savings or improving profitability
  • Business Taxes: Assess if Business Taxes align properly with your business structure, review current state of business taxes, and have questions addressed
  • Digital Marketing: You can work on a range of areas such as improving your website, getting more visibility for your business SEO, learn how to leverage Google Ads, optimize Social Media if relevant

To receive access to our free virtual consulting, please fill out this intake form to help us better understand and serve your business’ needs. Appointments are one hour in length and take place over Zoom. You will have opportunity to schedule follow up sessions as needed.

Upcoming Workshops & Presentations

Previous Workshops and Presentations

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Selling Online Without a Website: View Presentation Here

Small Business Saturday Website Building Workshop: View Presentation Here

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Advanced QuickBooks Online: Invoicing Clients and Managing Receivables Workshop

 Advanced QuickBooks Online: Managing Vendors and Payables Workshop

Advanced QuickBooks Online: Financial Reporting and Reconciliation Workshop

SBA COVID-19 Relief Programs and Services Webinar (Info on EIDL & EIDL Advances): View Presentation Here

A Sales & Business Development Series (Part 2): View Presentation Here

A Sales & Business Development Series (Part 1): View Presentation Here

Master Your Financials with QuickBooks Online

Master Your Financials with Wave Accounting

Introduction to the MBDA Coronavirus Response & Relief (CRR) Center: View Presentation Here

Business Tax Workshop: View Presentation Here

Latest News

Funding Sources


  • On-air advertising and cash grants of up to $50,000 for businesses in Philly metro region


  • Monthly grants of at least $10,000 for women entrepreneurs in honor of Amber Wigdahl


  • $10,000 and $5,000 cash grants to Black women and Black nonbinary entrepreneurs 


Comcast RISE

If your business qualifies, you’ll have the opportunity to receive marketing consultations, media placements, commercial creative production services, or technology services from Effectv and Comcast Business.

Trainings & Workshops

Business Structure & Legal

  • To come  

Business Taxes

Accounting & Finance

Sales & Business Development

  • Pivoting in Challenging Times Part 1: View Webinar
  • Pivoting in Challenging Times Part 2: View Webinar (Access Code: $C#b3^eX)

Digital Marketing



Is there a cost for any of these services?
No! MBDA CRR services are 100% free of charge

Do I have to live in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania to access these services? 

Nope! While our offices are located in Philadelphia, our services are virtual and we are able to assist minority-owned businesses throughout the United States. The MBDA CRR Center was funded specifically to help the nation's Black-owned, Latino-owned, Asian-owned, Native-American-owned, and Pacific-Islander-owned businesses with their COVID-19 response and recovery. 

What happens if I cannot make my appointment? 

Please make every effort to attend your office hours appointment. If there is an emergency and you cannot make it, please reach out to your consultant to reschedule. If you miss your appointment with no communication, you may be prohibited from accessing future office hours appointments. 

Can I receive more than one type of assistance? 

Yes! When filling out your intake form, indicate the type(s) of assistance that you need. We will send you separate links for each topic area.

Can my friend talk to one of the consultants?

As long as your friend is a person of color with an existing business, they can fill out our intake form to access our services. However, they cannot use the link that we provide to you. The link only works one time and is intended for the person who filled out the intake form. If you share the link you will be prohibited from accessing office hours appointments through the MBD CRR Center. 

I haven’t started my business yet. Can your consultants help me? 

Unfortunately, no. These office hours are designed specifically for people who have existing businesses. If you have not started your business yet, reach out to us directly at and we will direct you to some resources that better meet your needs.