COVID-19 Business Support Services

Fill Out Our Application

Please fill out our Business Services Application so that we can determine how best to support your business through COVID-19: 


Assistance with Applications for Disaster Relief Loans

We will review your application(s) for Disaster Relief Funding with respect to financial reporting, value proposition, and retaining talent so that you will be better positioned to re-launch your business.


  • Review required Disaster Relief Funding Application documentation and verify the accuracy and completeness of documents.
  • Source grants on behalf of your business.

Assistance Negotiating Debt Forbearance with Lenders

The Enterprise Center can guide you in contacting your lenders and service providers to let them know your business has been affected by the COVID-19 disaster and request altered payment schedules.


  • Provide support in contacting your debt and credit providers to notify them of changes in your financial situation.
  • Coach you through presenting your business’s story and how to negotiate payment changes.
  • Provide you with a checklist of company health criteria for you to self-monitor.
  • Share templates for debt forbearance, rent relief, mortgage relief, credit cards requests.   

Notification and Referrals of Contract Opportunities

We will share industry-specific RFP and contract opportunities through both general mailings and personal invitations. 


  • Once you have completed The Enterprise Center’s Business Services Application, we will alert you to opportunities that you qualify for.
  • Provide advice and follow-up on how you can determine the best fit and build relationships with clients and purchasers.

Assistance with Recovery Plans

For both new and existing clients, we will assist in strategic planning to weather this season.


  • Consulting on contract management.
  • Assist in developing the best course of action for your business through personalized coaching.