Is Your Business Ready to Grow? Join ScaleUp Philadelphia, an exclusive program for entrepreneurs with sales of $150K+ who want to get their business on track for substantial growth!

You already know success. You have invested a lot of time and effort to build your business. Now you are ready to ScaleUp. Join like-minded entrepreneurs in a program designed to give you the tools, connections and community you need to get it done! ScaleUp Philadelphia is one of the newest initiatives in the country dedicated to helping successful small businesses GROW.

Sponsored by the US Small Business Administration, ScaleUp Philadelphia offers high-potential businesses what they need most – a strategy for growth, solid, experienced mentorship, access to capital, access to new opportunities and support that doesn’t fade away after the program is done.

If you own a business with sales of $150k or more, and you are committed to growth, ScaleUp is for you.

About The ScaleUp America Initiative

The SBA’s ScaleUp America Initiative is designed to help small firms with high potential “scale up” and grow their businesses to allow them to provide more jobs and have a greater economic impact, both locally and nationally

The Four ScaleUp Components

Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum: Delivery of a proven, existing curriculum for growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small businesses, with the curriculum focused on the unique challenges of scaling established businesses, and which allows businesses to develop a growth strategy that addresses topics such as, but not limited to process, strategy, financing, marketing, human resources, leadership, contracting and market/product development plans.

Management Assistance & Support: On-going one-on-one support, mentoring and technical assistance, such as, but not limited to providing data-driven market research analysis, business strategy development; assistance with increasing sales and identifying strategic partners, etc.

Access to Capital: Assistance and connections to growth capital, such as, but not limited to assisting with loan package preparations, organizing matchmaking events with local lenders and funding streams, and facilitating business pitch events to angel and venture funds.

Connections: Opportunities to build and strengthen connections and networks, such as, but not limited to instituting CEO roundtables, forming advisory boards, matchmaking events with potential joint venture partners and regional manufacturers/suppliers, and local federally funded resource partners.

Within the first few months:

·       Eight new jobs were created

·        50% of ScaleUp businesses received new contracts

·       Annual Contracts increased by $750K

·       10 business referrals shared within the Cohort in the first month

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