52nd Street Initiative

West Philadelphia’s Main Street is booming with life and newfound energy! Traditionally known as the heart of the shopping district in West Philadelphia, the 52nd Street commercial corridor connects to multiple neighborhoods, is easily accessible by public transportation, and houses more than 200 brick-and-mortar businesses and dozens of sidewalk vendors, providing goods and services to local residents. After experiencing some years of blight, the corridor is being revitalized; new businesses are filling vacancies, long-standing businesses are renovating their facades, and community stakeholders are beautifying the area.

With funding support from the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce and Philadelphia LISC, TEC-CDC provides cleaning and corridor management services, and organizes other neighborhood revitalization efforts along 52nd Street - between Arch Street, to the north, and Spruce Street, to the south. Corridor management activities include:

·       Fostering a clean and safe commercial corridor environment;

·       Maintaining an up-to-date directory of 52nd Street businesses and property owners;

·       Connecting corridor businesses to technical assistance and resources;

·       Identifying and addressing vacant and nuisance properties;

·       Enhancing corridor-wide organization and retail diversity;

·       Identifying opportunities for corridor beautification and lighting improvement;

·       Supporting implementation of the new sidewalk vendor cart program;

·       Helping to place new businesses on the corridor;

·       Connecting investors to community-oriented business and real estate opportunities along 52nd Street.

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In addition to these resources, Tempest Carter, commercial corridor manager of 52nd Street, is available as a resource and can be reached at: or (215) 895-4021.

 Contact Us & Meet the Commercial Corridor Manager

Since 2013, TEC-CDC has managed cleaning and corridor management for 52nd Street. Tempest Carter, 52nd Street commercial corridor manager, interacts directly with the businesses, vendors, and entrepreneurs. Her role is to specifically assist businesses, promote street beautification, and increase and improve shopper experience.

From connecting businesses to City programs, to finding funding for lighting and beautification projects, to working with the Philadelphia Police Department to increase public safety on the corridor; Tempest is out on the corridor and ready to assist community partners.

Fourth Wednesdays

As part of the revitalization efforts to the 52nd street corridor, TEC-CDC holds monthly Fourth Wednesday meetings to give City, non-profit, stakeholders and private representatives an opportunity to explain new programs and voice their concerns and requests.

TEC-CDC works with the community, not for the community. As West Philadelphia continues to grow, neighborhoods will inevitably change. TEC-CDC helps to keep businesses in their storefronts and promotes new investments, as well as the expansion and upgrades, of long-time corridor retailers.

If you would like to attend Fourth Wednesdays, you can reach out to or attend a meeting at:

                  Fourth Wednesday of every month

                  6 PM – 7 PM

                  YMCA 5120 Chestnut Street

                  Philadelphia, PA 19139

Public Safety and SafeGrowth

TEC-CDC is committed to making the 52nd street corridor a vibrant, safe, and welcoming environment. In the past, 52nd Street has been held back by high rates of crime and pockets of open-air drug corners. Working with the three area Philadelphia Police Districts – the 16th, the 18th, and the 19th – that manage parts of the 52nd Street corridor, TEC-CDC has been able to reduce crime and increase safety on the corridor.

In 2015, TEC-CDC worked with the Department of Commerce, Philadelphia LISC, the Philadelphia Police Department, and various businesses and community members to implement SafeGrowth. SafeGrowth is a community-driven crime prevention tool that uses Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and community engagement techniques to address crime hotspots. Using the CPTED program, TEC-CDC created a report to address the extensive problems that made the hotspot feel unwelcoming and unsafe. Recommendations like additional lighting, increased police presence, business owner compliance and coordination, and place-making beautification efforts have been mapped out, and in some cases implemented, in attempts to alleviate the danger of this crime hotspot.

Revolving Loan Fund and Capital Assistance

Many business and property owners along 52nd Street do not have the funds to upgrade the physical aspects of their businesses and properties. While there are many City services that assist businesses in the renovations of their properties, some businesses do not have the upfront capital to access them.

Through a new pilot program called The Revolving Loan Fund, TEC-CDC is working to help 52nd Street property and business owners:

1.     Complete their facades and install functioning windows;

2.     Upgrade the interiors of their businesses;

3.     And renovate upper stories into office space, studio space, or apartments.

The program offers access to technical assistance, City Programs, and loans to help businesses reach their true capacity. In turn, these resources beautify the corridor and increase economic activity in West Philadelphia.

Programs provided by the City:

  • Storefront Improvement Program: Receive up to a 50% matching reimbursement on renovations to your storefront.
  • InStore: Receive a forgivable loan to renovate the interior of your business.
  • SafeCam: Receive a reimbursement of up to $3,000 to install security cameras on your property.

If you are interested in any of these programs or loans, contact the 52nd Street commercial corridor manager, Tempest Carter. TEC-CDC works with folks who are not bankable through traditional lenders, and can help you get the financial assistance you need to improve your business.

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