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The Grit Live is Philadelphia's premier podcasting network focusing on all things entrepreneurship. Visit our spreaker portal to listen to all of our episodes, or read on to learn more about our featured shows: Zig Zag & Feed the Beast. 

Zig Zag

Host Tiffany Spraggins-Payne speaks with female entrepreneurs and business owners in STTEM (Science, Technology, Transportation, Engineering, Mathematics) or a related industry about their journey and experiences and their competitive advantage. (When others Zig, they Zag)

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In episode 14, Tiffany speaks with Tess Gardephe, the Senior Manager of the Philadelphia branch of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). NFTE works with youth to teach them the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to carry them into whichever industry they choose. They speak about NFTE's programs and what Tess's journey into teaching.

Feed the Beast

Business partners, spouses, and hosts Chef Chris Paul and Nutritionist Leigh-Ann Charles-Paul of ‘Everything We Eat,’ discuss food news, insider tips, and speak with a guest involved in the food industry.

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Food News: 

Philadelphia's outdoor venues are reopening. Bok Bar is open again and located at 9th and Mifflin in South Philly. 


Kyle Cuffie-Scott, founder of Darnel's Cakes. Kyle speaks about his success at the Landsdale farmer's market and the social responsibility baked into his business (pun intended). Kyle named his business after his cousin, Darnel, who passed away a few years ago due to complications from AIDS. He now uses his business to support the fight against HIV and AIDS. 

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